19 Mar

Ladies and Gentlemen of America, moms and dads grandmas and grandpas, all of you that work hard and love America,support the constitution,pay your taxes. It is indeed time for all God fearing Americans to stand together and let those people who are against all that is good know we have had enough!

No more of your immoral attitude,your immoral television,movies,your international Socialism. Your corrupt agenda will not cut it anymore,here in America we love our country to much to allow you types to degrade and destroy all that our forefathers have built

It is time for you to leave,it is time for you to shut up, it is time for you on the left and yes you so called RINOS in the Republican Party,it is time for you to take a hike.

The Republican Party leadership needs to make a choice,stand with conservatives,or take your place along side your colleagues on the left. Stand with those that advocate debauchery,sodomy,homosexuality,perversion,abortion.

One way or another we conservative Americans,we patriots are not going to wait around forever while you debate the issue, we will move on and we will continue to support candidates that stand for American values,American ingenuity, the American family.

We will not tolerate you that call yourself conservative,then side with the Socialist left on ANY ISSUE.

Rinos take note, we will defeat you one way or another,we will no longer tolerate your lies, your taking side with the socialist left.

America spoke loud and clear this last November election,now it is time for we the people to roll up our sleeves and take our country back..


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