18 Oct

Where Are Your Drugs Really Made?
Dirty Drug Industry Secret:Their Pills are Made in China

Not long ago, the FDA warned Americans not to buy prescription drugs from Canada because they might be “contaminated by terrorists.” What the FDA didn’t bother to mention, however, is that most pharmaceutical drugs purchased in the United States are manufactured in places like China and Puerto Rico.

Foreign drugs were dangerous, the FDA warned, because they were not subjected to rigorous quality control requirements-the implication being, of course, that brand-name pharmaceuticals sold in the United States are not contaminated. This has been proven to be yet another lie. Heparin, a blood-thinning drug made by Baxter International, was recently discovered by consumers to be manufactured in China, where the quality controls were so low that this FDA approved, brand-name drug was apparently deliberately contaminated with an adulterated chemical. It has now resulted in the death of dozens of consumers in the United States. The very scenario dreamed up by the FDA to warn consumers away from pharmaceuticals purchased in Canada or Mexico turns out to be true for a brand-name drug sold at monopoly prices in the United States.

The FDA has not inspected 93 percent of the factories that manufacture pharmaceuticals outside the United States, and many of the pharmaceuticals manufactured for U.S. drug companies are contaminated with metal parts from the gears of processing machines or flecks of paint from factory walls. Many brand-name drugs are NOT tested for contaminants before being sold to consumers in the United States, Canada and other countries, regardless of where they were manufactured.

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Comments:

How many more people have to die before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) steps up to the plate and begins protecting Americans instead of harming them? The drug industry is clearly manipulating and controlling the FDA like a puppeteer does a marionette. They both want you to believe that prescription drugs are ONLY safe if they come from the United States- where drug costs are at a premium and Americans spend 10 times the amount on drugs that people in, say, Canada do.

Most Drugs Sold in the United States are Imported

And this is the key that you need to remember. Your name-brand drugs were probably made in China, Puerto Rico or another country. And they probably will not say so on the label. Disconcerting? Yes. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

• Many U.S. drugs are made in China, a country with some of the lowest quality control standards in the world

• The drugs are often NOT tested for contaminants before they’re sold in the United States

• 93 percent of the foreign factories that make drugs for the United States have never been inspected by the FDA

So as much as the FDA and the drug industry like to go on about the rigorous quality control measures in place in the United States, the bottom line is that there’s no guarantee that the pills you take are contaminant-free. Federal law does not require inspections of foreign drug makers, and even if one does occur, it does not necessarily include an on-site visit if the company has passed previous inspections for other drugs. Meanwhile, the reason why contaminated heparin (the blood-thinning drug that recently caused hundreds of adverse reactions and deaths) made its way easily into the hands of Americans is that the FDA inspected and approved the wrong drug plant!

Yet Another Reason to Take Control of Your Health

You would think that in a country as “advanced” as the United States, contaminated prescription drugs would be a moot point. Yet, they are constantly surfacing, killing and injuring innocent people who believe they are doing right by their health. But the sad reality is that even under the best circumstances, when they’re not contaminated, prescription drugs kill.

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that an estimated 106,000 hospitalized patients die each year from drugs that, by medical standards, are properly prescribed and properly administered.

Bottom line, we have been and are being sold a bill of goods-lies-the FDA is not doing it’s job,we Americans are being prescribed medicine that could kill us, medicine that has been produced in RED CHINA or some other 3RD WORLD foreign country that have production and contamination standards that are no where close to what is required here in America…

This is just another example of how our government has sold us out, they have turned their backs on the American people.  The drug producing companies of America have moved their operations to RED CHINA and other 3rd world countries.


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