8 Dec

Never before in the history of our country have we been threatened by political,military armies working within the borders of our country.  We have Muslims that come here to change our country using our own constitution against us, we have large populations of illegal aliens residing in our country and neither of these groups have any allegiance to our constitution or our way of life. We have huge populations of gangs (mostly illegals) like MS-13 that have established themselves in most of our large cities, they are armed, they hate America, they are a ticking time bomb..

We have a political party (Democrat) that has finally came out of the political closet, they have shown their actions,deeds, spoken word,legislation, socialist,Marxist,communist affiliations that they are indeed working to bring this country down. They have declared political war on the American people..

Christians in our country (over 80% of the population say they are Christian) are being persecuted, the left has attacked our Christian beliefs, they have taken God out of our schools, they have taken God out of our government, they have taken God out of public events such as displaying the Nativity Scene on public grounds during Christmas. 

We have a so called mainstream media that is nothing more than a 24/7 propaganda machine for the left, for the Democrats, for Obama, they will not and do not report the news as it happened they report it as they see it with a left wing,socialist,Democrat supporting SPIN. 

We have a president through his actions and deeds and affiliations is a knows Marxist, and he is working overtime to hoodwink the American people.  We Patriots know he is not eligible to serve as president, and most of us believe the Republican Party knows he is not eligible to serve as president, yet they say and do nothing.

Obama, hoodwinked a large segment of the American population in 2008 with one buzz word CHANGE a word that appeals to many Americans,they were lost in the rhetoric of Obama and his slick presentation of words, we who have common sense know words mean things and the word “CHANGE” as used by Obama and his minions means change everything about our country, change our political approach to governing, change our constitution, change our very way of life.

We have heard Obama say many times that America is not fair, not everybody gets a fair shake, that we should spread the wealth around–SOCIALISM,he is speaking from, the ideology of Socialism/Marxism. Many dictators have used the word change to hoodwink whole populations Germany comes to mind,Hitler used the word CHANGE many many times is his speeches to the German people, they bought into it and we would read our history know the outcome of Hitler’s change.

This is not the time to hide our thoughts, our opinions, this is not the time to be complacent, this is not the time in our countries life to hide under our desk, this is not the time to expect others to carry the water…..

PATRIOTS as the old saying goes


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