27 Dec

Most  older Americans remember Communism,the Soviet Union,Nuclear bombs,hiding under our desks at school during air raid drills. But the younger folks have not been exposed to any of those things. The only thing they know about Communism is what their school teachers,or professors in college teach them.

In college most professors today sympathize with the Communist movement past and present, and they teach accordingly. Communism has taken on a new look it is called political correctness and it has infiltrated our schools,our courts,our government-every aspect of our lives.

Communism the word has no meaning whatsoever to younger people matter of fact if you start to discuss Communism amongst younger people they are turned off, they for the most part have never heard of Communism and if they have it probably was in favorable light taught by some left-wing professor..

After you read the Communist Goals as put in the Congressional record way back in 1963,  take time to look at each goal–and equate it to to days political and military environment, then ask yourself–are we really threatened by a full blow Communist movement today. Did the Communist succeed in establishing any of the goals stated above. Has Putin started Russia back on the track to a full blown communist state once again.

Have a look at the Communist party world wide–see where it is most successful (3rd world countries) Mexico-and other South American countries have very prominent and active Communist parties. Have a look at OUR public school system–what are they teaching our children. If you get a chance look at the agenda of the National Education Association –see what they are up to.

Did you know that over 10,000 of our public schools are being taught from a curriculum designed and written by a former President of the Soviet Union Mr Gorbachev, did you know this curriculum is being distributed by the United Nations under the UNICEF office and the National Education Association encourages it’s use.

What does that tell you?How many young people that read this blog know China is Communist nation and how many have asked both young and old why our left wing media no longer refers to China as “RED CHINA.”

Our government is now being ran by Socialist–Pelosi,Reed,Kerry just to name a few, there is a caucus called the “Black Caucus” those members are all full blown Socialist. Look at what the Democrat party stands for and then equate that to the Communist goals of 1963–kinda scary.

One last thing remember this

And I ask you all this question do we really as a nation of proud Americans who have fought wars, have rolled up our sleeves and worked hard for this country and our children,do we really want to become a Socialist state and eventually end up as a Communist country–


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