2 Jan
My instinct is to speak reasonably with people, especially those who disagree with me.

 I empathize with everybody who undertakes the passion-rousing quest I think of as the never-ending (because chronology persists and circumstances change) search for what is best for us all.

But the Liberals with their moral certitude and giddy pretension to intellectual probity refuse to clasp my open hand.  They assume irremediably that we Conservatives are jackbooted zealots who want to waste civilization in an operatic (Wagnerian, of course) orgy of butchering blood-lust, and that we consequently deserve to be dismissed contemptuously—and also snidely—from their circle-jerk of self-appointed philosopher-kings. 

Well on this day I dismiss them, and with a lot more contempt than I can adequately express.  I also hereby renounce all further effort to reason with these people as though they were actually well-disposed brokers of the intellect and culture. What they are is thought-police, tyrannical oligarchs, micromanaging nannies and unprincipled polemicists, and from now on I am going to deal with them as they deserve. Ich kann nicht anders.

 If any say I’m not being fair to “honest” Liberals who don’t bear a likeness to the portrait I have limned, my reply is: let them move away from what their creed has metamorphosed into and publicly denounce its pathology.  Christopher Hitchens did this, and they can follow suit.

Oped written exclusively for Conservatives Speak Out Blog
by:Mr Don Thompson

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