5 Jan
Talking Your Head Off

The Liberal commentator I respect the most is honest, intelligent, sincere, a well-regarded scholar of jurisprudence, and deeply versed in the ways of Washington.  What he has to say on any policy or issue is almost always welcome as a salubrious counterweight to any tendency to oversimplify on the part of Conservatives. 

And yet in spite of all this, when the Big Moments arise for Democrats and they regard it as paramount to score a victory in the public relations domain, this intellectual paragon instantly reverts to a flat-out regurgitation of the Demonbatic National Committee’s weekly talking points; it is eerily as though the Committee invades the man’s mind and substitutes its programming for his independent thought, like a Civil Defense agency expropriating television time. 

Around about 1994 I recognized a phenomenon` I’ve been watching take place 52 times a year ever since, and I’ll regale you with it in the form of Thompson’s Law of Demonbatic Talking Points: 

By listening to the Demonrat guests on the Sunday morning talk shows, you will learn precisely what all the other Democrats appearing in the media throughout the following six days are going to say, how they’re going to say it, and in what order they’re going to arrange its component segments. 

Trust me.  This is not infallible in Roman Catholic Church-speak.  This is INFALLIBLE.

Written by Don Thompson: exclusively for Conservatives Speak Out

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