11 May
1. Admitted drug user

2. Backs the murder of unborn American citizens

3. Backs partial birth abortion


5. Supports Muslim agenda (by action and words)

6. Supports international Socialist agenda

7. A proven liar

8. Unknown background-will not release college records-Birth Certificate and place of birth are in question.

9. Has close ties to American born terrorist

10. Has close ties to hate America crowd (Rev Wright)

11. Has always been associated with Communist/Socialist/Marxist

12. Supported by the American Communist Party

13. Supported by the Socialist unions of America

14. Supported by Anti War groups such as CODE PINK

15. Supported by the New communism (Green Movement)

Folks this is just the tip of the iceberg! This man is a enemy of all that is good in our country, he does not honor our constitution, our way of life. He is constantly pitting one group of Americans against another.

He wages political war on the middle class, while standing with those that would milk hard Americans dry for every asset they have. Obama is a Marxist plain and simple and he does not stand with “WE THE PEOPLE” we in actual fact are his enemy.

He wages war on individual states such as Arizona,Georgia, he wages war using his political goons in the Department of Justice against such folks as the good Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona.


The current occupier of the White House who was installed there via the coup of 2008 has an agenda and that agenda is to install Socialism/Communism as the new political way of governing/ruling America!

Any one who stands with and supports this Marxist are also Marxist/communist regardless if they want to admit it or not!

The Department of JJustice goon Eric Holder sues sheriff Joe Arpaio


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