30 Jan

During the first debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times, clearly tying them together.

Further proof that they were working in concert can be found in recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives. As the emails show, AARP threw their tremendous power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it. In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberly A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote: “Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing.

We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.

The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.‘ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.

” AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats. Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much. AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better.

As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

((ABOVE WAS  Letter from Association of Mature American Citizens))


Patriots, this is just another example of how deeply ingrained the Socialist/Marxist movement is,the AARP comes on as wanting to help senior citizens,stand up for their rights,offer all kinds of come on’s to entice unknowing seniors into signing on as members of the AARP.

The AARP is just another propaganda arm of the Socialist/Marxist/Progressive/Communist Party more commonly known as the Democrat Party, the AARP over the course of many presidential elections has gone to bat for the Democrat Party, they are nothing more than lap dogs of a political party that will say anything,do anything to corrupt our country,even to the extent of lying to American seniors about health care etc.

We patriots must continue to stay vigilant ,we must stay focused, the Democrat Party and all it’s cohorts are many and at all levels of our society, the Democrat Party has established over the decades a huge network of commercial and political propaganda outlets that continue to develop new ways of hoodwinking the American people…

Like I have said many many times we who care we who educate ourselves know the threats that continue to hammer away at America society, we conservatives have NO representation in congress, the Republican party is nothing more than Democrats light!


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