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10 Dec
Paying Attention While Getting Carried Away

Common sense would tell us that feminists who condemn beauty contests as being unfair to the ill-favored would be happy living in Afghanistan, where beauty pageants are staged for camels, and perhaps they might, if women there also enjoyed a status of citizenship above the level of slave, which they do not. 

Common sense would tell us that delivering the mail has no intrinsic connection to the cost of employee pension benefits, except that common sense considers the Postal Service’s remaining open as being intrinsic to its ability to function.

Common sense would tell us that political spin doctors, the basis of whose livelihood is lying their asses off, are not the ideal commentators for television to offer viewers as disinterested analysts of public policies and personalities. Common sense would tell us that a nation in which teenage girls do not regard fellatio as a sexual activity may not reliably be regarded as a country in which young people are noted for the postponement of pleasure for the sake of superlative academic achievement.

Common sense would therefore seem to tell us that the common run of people understands something that eludes the intelligentsia—that we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

And yet in the election cycle of 2008, common sense neglected to tell us that if we desire something (i.e., the elevation of Barack Obama to the presidency) to the point of delirium, we should for that very reason ask ourselves why the matter is so unbalancing that we neglect to ask ourselves the question, “Just how does he plan to do all that?”

Evidently the ultimate common-sense lesson is that common sense is a dependable basis of behavior except when it fails to kick in.

Written by: Don Thompson

Mr Thompson writes exclusively for
The Conservatives Speak Out Blog