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5 Dec
Tim Tebow National Football League Quarterback or Whipping boy for the Sports Secularist Left

Since opening day of the NFL, player and last year draft choice Tim Tebow has been made fun of, told he does not have a snowballs chance in hell of making it in the NFL.  ESPN pundits,retired so called all knowing NFL players of some notoriety have constantly beat the politically correct drum, stood in front of national television and cut Mr Tebow down.

They have made disparaging comments about Tim Tebow’s public acknowledgement of God,his faith and his beliefs in abortion, they have said he has no leadership skills and very few if any football skills that would warrant him being made quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

These same individuals at ESPN,FOX SPORTS,NBC SPORTS glorify and celebrate the stupidity of those who dance in the end zone, who make absolute fools of themselves with their childish antics, yet a man who kneels after  a touchdown or a team win to thank God is considered a phony,a fake.  There are those who strike the Tim Tebow pose of kneeling on one knee and thanking God as a pose of mockery.

Yet, when NFL players score a touchdown and do a dance that one only could surmise was part of some dance they copied from those in Kenya, the Sudan or some other African country, well that is okay, that is making a statement, that is the NFL. 

I would venture to say more than half of those currently playing in the NFL have very little to do with being a Christian if nothing at all, they are consumed with money,self grandizement and looking good in the eyes of the public…

Mr Tebow from all appearances is a humble guy, he gives credit to his team his coaches, he is appreciative for being able to play in the NFL and makes that statement quite often. Trash talk as most do in the NFL is NOT Tim Tebow’s forte, he is a very polite,honest,and humble young man that should be recognized for those qualities, instead he is considered by the sports media as a phony.

The Sports media worships some players in the NFL for their so called football abilities yet many of these players have less than stellar backgrounds, the NFL has a dog killer, an accused rapist,players who have beat up individuals,drunk driving arrest, stealing, drug users, yet they continue to play the game and are worshiped at the alter of the NFL.  The sports media/pundits are in my opinion individuals who have based most of their life experiences on one thing playing football, they have very little else to offer as far as expertise, they are very shallow indeed,..

Mr Tim Tebow,quarterback for the Denver Broncos took over the quarterback position and has led the team to five straight victories, yet the sports media gives him little credit, laughing at him, treating him as some sort of fluke that will most certainly come crashing down to the reality that he certainly is not fit to be a quarterback in the NFL, yet Tim Tebow continues to win and he continues to bow down kneeling on one knee thanking God.

Tim, you continue what you are doing young man,you have no reason what so ever in being ashamed of what you do on or off the football field, you are a young man most Americans would be proud to call son or proud to have as a son-in-law, you are what the American male should be, strong,respectful,god fearing,humble and one that is a role model every young man should look to as the ALL AMERICAN MALE…..

Gary Gatehouse
Conservatives Speak Out Blog
host of the Gettin after Lefty Talk Show