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11 Feb

The predictable and preventable disaster.

Have you filled your car up today? If you have, you probably noticed your gas was somewhere around three dollars a gallon. In some areas, it is probably a bit more. Two years ago, as George Bush was leaving office, gas was almost half what it is today. We have seen almost 100% inflation in gas prices in two years.

And Obama wonders why there is no recovery?

For America, the worst maybe yet to come.

Thanks to Obama’s insane desire to see radical Islamists control the Middle East, the region is teetering on the edge of war and we know what that will mean for America.

We have seen this in the past and we know what will happen. In 1973, Arab states launched a surprise attack on Israel. Then President Richard Nixon immediately order military resupplying of Israel. The Arab states retaliated by first raising prices, and then cutting off oil to the United States.

In the United States, prices doubled. There were calls for gas rationing. Gas stations voluntarily closed on Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays, when there was gas, there were gas lines. The American economy went into a slump.

That was in 1973. Today we import much more of our oil than we did in 1973 and we use oil in many more products than we did in 1973.

With a radicalized Middle East, the chances of war with Israel go up dramatically. Also the consequences to America go up as well. If there is a war, Obama will not support Israel as Nixon did, but that may not matter. A war will almost certainly shut down not only the Suez Canal but also the Straits of Hormuz. These are the two crucial choke points for the oil trade.

With foreign oil cut off, the effects on America will be devastating. Americans will long for the days when we paid “only” three dollars a gallon. Americans will have to spend more on gas, which means less for other things. There will be a ripple effect through the economy as well, creating inflation.

This is all predictable. It is also preventable. We have time now. How do we minimize the damage this event would cause?

It is simple. Drill here, drill now.

Instead of making it harder to produce energy here in America, the Obama regime needs to take the other track. Liberalize the rules that allow American companies to drill in the US and also in our waters, including the Gulf of Mexico.

We are looking at an economic disaster for America. It is both predictable and preventable.

The question is, does the Obama regime want to avoid it? The evidence seems to say no.

written by Glenda (cille) Txbrand