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7 Feb

Robert Gates’ destruction of the military

Two years ago, for the first time since Nixon, I did not attend the Presidential Inauguration. I went instead to the Holy Land to pray for a country that would elect a man without leadership or executive credentials, a tragically unqualified rhetorical celebrity – and give him control of Congress.

I also prayed for our new president, who needs all our prayers. Thankfully, the people, and the tea party, realizing their error, recently elected a new Congress in which the House began, for the first time, with a reading of the Constitution, a document second only to the Bible in historical import (amazingly, some on the left criticized the reading!); and required that future congressional actions have constitutional authority. Imagine that! And Secretary of Defense Robert Gates leaves this year. From anguish to elation in two years – is this a great country or what?

My friends at the inauguration noted that for the first time in memory a president did not attend the veterans Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball. Some, in defending the president’s no-show, have demeaned the veterans ball, calling it merely one of dozens of unofficial balls not coordinated by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. It was coordinated with the PIC, is one of a handful of major balls and, traditionally, the only ball honoring veterans and Medal of Honor recipients. While it is true that the majority of veterans supported John McCain, they were looking forward to the new president’s visit and sorely disappointed when he did not show.

Not only was President Obama the only presidential no-show at the veterans ball, he also ignored, or was ignorant of, military tradition by failing to salute the only living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam, during White House ceremonies.

I can assure you that the recipient was not offended, but many veterans were. My point is that President Obama is militarily challenged. He believes he can man down and emasculate the military, civilianize and hollow it (you can’t civilianize the military – should they vote on leaders and missions – or unionize?) without readiness consequences.

Unfortunately, in his efforts to learn the difference between Corps and corpse, the president kept the incumbent secretary of defense, Robert Gates. He knew Gates would be a willing ally in re-hollowing and quad-sexualizing (changing a heterosexual military to one populated by heterosexual, homosexual bisexuals and transgender people) the military as well as feminizing combat units, but no one could predict the damage this man would do. He will rank with Robert McNamara in the defense halls of infamy.

What do the fighting men of our military think about the homosexualization of the armed forces? Find out in the Whistleblower magazine edition “Dropping the H-Bomb”

Under his watch: The Pentagon admits it cannot identify where millions of dollars go (Gates is covering for his fiscal inefficiencies by huge defense cuts, cuts that will have no economic effect and that he will not have to live with); nor can it identify the remains in over 200 graves at Arlington, which is an administrative disaster; the op-tempo is from hell (60 out of 80 months deployed is not atypical) – contributing to unprecedented rates of suicide and PTSD among soldiers and depression and anxiety in their families. As a further blow to morale, Gates hopes to cut the force, is mutilating the Marine Corps and is proposing the smallest pay raise since 1962! Plus, he’s demanding the military do more with less – a familiar term to service members that simply demands more sacrifice from them.

Initially a media darling, since the debacle with Rolling Stone magazine, Gates has set unprecedented media access controls. Still, under his leadership, more state secrets have been compromised – causing immeasurable damage – than at any time in history. He has allowed the premier combat life saver, aeromedical evacuation (once revered as Dust Off), to be stripped from the medics. This is the first time a medical resource has been so usurped since the Civil War, and I have heard horror stories from the battlefield on delayed reaction times. (I actually had a soldier from Iraq turn his back on me when I told him I was once a Dust Off pilot.)

Under Gates’ watch, soldiers’ Bibles were destroyed to avoid annoying Muslims. There can be no excuse for the military to burn Bibles. They would be court-martial for destroying Qurans. It may be a surprise to Vietnam veterans that Congress authorized a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and honor its veterans; but it will be no surprise the funds have been cut. And now Gates wants women to join homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals in foxholes. In order to quad-sexualize the military, Gates is assaulting traditional morality to “educate” soldiers and their families on the value of homosexual conduct. Soon to come our mothers and sisters will be reprogramed to kill. As if all this were not enough, his military actually considered giving medals for not shooting! Then there was the terrorist attack at Fort Hood. I could go on. Next: veterans’ benefits.

Amazingly, some blame uniformed military for the Pentagon calamity, and others believe soldiers start wars! This may shock some, but Gates, for four years, has led the Pentagon. Civilians control the military, and soldiers do not start wars. Soldiers hate war. As a leader, Gates is responsible for what his subordinates do or fail to do; he can delegate his authority but not his responsibilities. He is responsible for the Pentagon catastrophe, which is unprecedented in my lifetime.

Gates’ predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, despite the media hatchet job on him, was a man’s man, a fighter pilot, an athlete, an exceptional businessman with vast experience in elected office as well as the Pentagon – a tough act to follow, especially for someone fresh out of a university lounge. Weak leaders often try to project an image of toughness by “kicking a–.” Gates kicked a lot of a– firing two service secretaries, a chairman of the joint chiefs, the Army surgeon general and other good men – all more qualified than he. He never understood where the buck stops. It stops with him. He should have fired himself long ago.

President Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, including the Defense Department. The problem is neither America nor her military needed transformation – they needed leadership.

The Obama/Gates military transformation is historic and the damage it will do unprecedented. Why transform our military unique in its excellence and the vault for our freedoms? But it will happen unless the people and Congress recognize and stop this insanity

written by By Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady