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26 Jun


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.
A murderer is less to fear.”

Obama Not a Natural Born Citizen
We have now entered into a new America, where those who have been educated by our public school system,the media on the fictitious merits of socialism

We conservatives,we who believe in the constitution,capitalism, the American way of life are now facing a electorate that has no clue what America is all about.

Our country has many enemies within our borders, so called fellow Americans who have a different view on what America should be.  We have socialist organizations founded for the sole purpose of changing what America is, destroying our Christian beliefs,our love, honor of country.

The last national election laid it out for all to see, those of us who have educated ourselves on the left (Democrat Party)  tactics,lies, character assassinations, to achieve their goal of changing our country into a country of Communist.  We know there is a long road ahead of us, we know that in order to take our country back we must stay strong,resolute and be prepared to fight as  the old testament says “”A EYE FOR A EYE””

We can no longer turn the other cheek,we can no longer depend on Republican Party leadership to make right choices, we must begin to establish our own political party of men and women patriots who long for the America we all once knew.

THE HOME OF THE BRAVE AND THE FREE, we must stand tall not only for ourselves but for our children,our grandchildren, future generations of Americans yet born.


Patriots, our country is being overthrown by Communist, they have extended the tentacles of Communism into every aspect of our daily lives, our government, our churches,our schools,our business, they have corrupted our children, they have corrupted our government leaders, they have taken over our country, our media,our entertainment.


Homosexual Marriage,NSA spying,IRS thumbing their nose at “WE THE PEOPLE” Supreme Court has turned it’s back on the constitution,congress has turned it’s back on the constitution,they are representing everyone but “WE THE PEOPLE”.








28 Jul
Hope and change 2011: Now homosexual and change

Look how federal government is targeting 4 million students


The federal government has given a nearly $1.5-million grant to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, to train teachers on how to support homosexual students and be “advocates for change” in their schools.

GLSEN has announced that it received a 5-year, renewable grant in the amount of $285,000 annually from the Department of Adolescent and School Health at the federal Center for Diseasce Control and Prevention, or CDC. The grant’s scope is to target school districts across the country with a program to increase the number of “safe spaces” for lesbian, “gay,” bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, students.

GLSEN states its goal is to target 20 school districts to train 14,500 school personnel, who in turn impact 4 million students.

“It is abundantly clear that LGBT youths’ experience of bias and violence at school contributes to significant threats to their health, academic success and psychological well-being,” said GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard in a statement. “Truly safe spaces … are vital to these students’ health, success in school and life prospects.”

Critics, however, claim the program’s aim is more about “fast-tracking” students into the homosexual lifestyle.

“Schools can punish bullies without endorsing ‘gay’ behavior,” argues Mission America, an organization that researches and reports on social issues affecting Christians in America. “This is child corruption, funded by taxpayers.”


“We can only hope few schools agree to this scheme for fast-tracking youth into homosexuality and gender confusion,” Linda Harvey, president and founder of Mission America, told WND. “Our federal government, through this grant, essentially agrees with the mythology that some humans are ‘born gay.’ They are therefore willing to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars during a national fiscal crisis to defy parental rights, Christian moral tradition, and sound health practices.

“Once again, this administration is demonstrating its destructive priorities,” Harvey continued. “If this GLSEN program is implemented, impressionable teens will suffer for it. I am calling on Congress to put a halt to this grant.”

According to a GLSEN statement, the CDC grant will fund “Train the Trainer (TOT) programs based on GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit, providing guidance, information and resources to assist in effecting policy enhancements.”

The “Safe Space Kit,” in turn, is described by the group as featuring a 42-page “Guide to Being an Ally to LGBT Students” booklet that “provides concrete strategies for supporting LGBT students, educating about anti-LGBT bias and advocating for changes in your school. The Kit also shows how to assess the school’s climate, policies and practices and outlines ways to advocate for change inside the school.”

“We are proud to contribute to federal efforts to support safe, healthy and respectful learning environments for all students,” Byard said. “This grant is an exciting new element of GLSEN’s long-standing partnership with federal agencies in the common project of improving U.S. schools.”

Α GLSEN representative told WND that the 20 targeted school districts are among the largest districts in the nation identified with the CDC’s DASH program, but did not have a full listing immediately available.

By World Net

Gary Gatehouse commentary

Patriots: Just one more reason to homeschool your children. The federal Government in concjuction with the largest union in American (National Education Association) is hell bent on shoving homosexuality down the throats of all Americans/Christians and they are using your money to do it!

A budget crisis our economy is going down the toilet and these socialist/corrupt Democrats are still spending still giving away our tax dollars to anyone or any group that will support their (Democrats) socialist/communist agenda no matter how much of our money is spent on corruption.

America and especially those of you that have children in Public School, you grandparents out there don’t you think it is time for we who still believe in our Christian upbringing stand up and be counted. Where are all the clergy on this, where do they stand?

God help America if we continue to close our eyes and let our of control government continue down this path of corruption and debacurey

Gary Gatehouse
host of
The Gettin after Lefty Show





18 Jul


President Barack Obama clarified his ambiguous position on gay marriage by telling the press after an LGBT fundraiser, “Gay rights was something I experimented with in college.”

Before a crowd of gay and lesbian Democrats ready to stuff their money into a rainbow-colored sack with a dollar sign painted on it, the president gave an inspiring speech on the matter of gay rights.

While affirming his belief in gay rights as civil rights, he made sure to distance himself from outwardly supporting marriage equality. “Supporting gay marriage might have been something I experimented with in college, but it was just a phase. We all go through phases like that, like my goth phase before that,” he told the fundraiser attendees.

Obama’s speech inspired attendees to donate thousands to the president’s re-election campaign, though not all were satisfied by Obama’s “politically bicurious” stance on gay rights. One attendee interrupted the speech, shouting, “You don’t believe in my right to exist as a free human being!” He then promptly stuffed three hundred dollars into the rainbow money sack.

The president made his rounds after the speech to thank donators and remind attendees he’s been happily married for “almost 20 red-blooded American years,” and “loves sports.”

When asked about his earlier stances on gay marriage, particularly in the late ‘90s when, as a state senator, he supported marriage equality, President Obama replied he merely wanted to try out all forms of civil rights stances. “After all, that’s what college is for, right?” he told a group of donators as he nervously clutched his wedding ring.

As the night progressed and the hotel lobby became congested with men and women with out-turned pockets, Obama gave a final clarification on his gay marriage stance. “I support the state’s right to decide on this matter, and agree with laws legalizing marriage for…did I mention how much I love football?”

By Gregory Ronquillo
The Washington Fancy

8 Mar

Why men won’t grow up-husbands and fathers are now optional-“Where Have the Good Men Gone?”


According to Kay Hymowitz, whose new book, “Manning Up,” was featured prominently in the Wall Street Journal in February, “legions of frustrated young women” are dealing with a new crisis in America: modern men refuse to grow up.

It appears the 21st-century male is living a kind of extended adolescence. In the past, it was assumed men would receive a high-school diploma or college degree, then get married and settle down to the responsibilities of work and family life. Today, young men “hang out in a novel sort of limbo,” keeping adulthood at a distance as they enjoy a lifestyle that demands few, if any, obligations.

The question is why – and how – did this happen? And the answer is simple: feminism.

One of the many side effects of the American feminist movement is that men’s traditional role as family man and provider has been eradicated. Today, men compete with women who are more educated than they and who often make more money. That women suggest they don’t need husbands to be happy – or even to have children – rubs salt in an open wound. The result is that men are stuck in a prepubescent quandary.

Rather than focus exclusively on feminism, however, Ms. Hymowitz blames the predicament men are in on something called “The Knowledge Economy.” The Knowledge Economy, she says, prolongs the maturation process in part because the kinds of jobs men used to get – the ones that forced them to grow up – have been usurped by women.

But why is that? Why are there now more women in college than men, and why are there more women in the workforce than ever before? Because ever since the 1960s, feminists have been telling women this is where they belong. Marriage and motherhood are passé, they said – a woman’s true identity can only be found in the workforce. For today’s pre-adults, “what you do is almost synonymous with who you are … starting a family is seldom part of the picture,” writes Hymowitz.

The reason family life has become an afterthought is because feminism has become thoroughly absorbed in American culture. People don’t have to think about feminism or even acknowledge its presence – it just is. “With women moving ahead in our advanced economy, husbands and fathers are now optional, and the qualities of character men once needed to play their roles – fortitude, stoicism, courage, fidelity – are obsolete, even a little embarrassing,” writes Hymowitz.

The result is that the single guy can live in “pig heaven,” and women give up on the idea of marriage and “just go to a sperm bank and get the DNA without the troublesome man.” Indeed, we may recall Jennifer Aniston’s pronouncement last August: “Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.”

Wake up, America. If we don’t muster the courage to admit the damage feminism has caused – that it has changed the rules drastically and confused the heck out of women and men – we are headed for extinction. Men and women simply don’t know what to do with each other anymore. Women’s nature tells them sex requires love; marriage is important; children are a blessing; and men are necessary. But our feminist culture tells women to sleep around and postpone family life because that will cost them their identities.

As for the men, they are simply responding to what society expects of them. Contrary to what movies like “He’s Just Not That Into You” suggest, most men want to settle down and have children of their own. Countless men would be happy to do so if they did not have sex so freely available and if their girlfriends weren’t so willing to cohabit. This is an inconvenient truth, to be sure – but that doesn’t make it any less true.

A recent Wall Street Journal asks, “Where Have the Good Men Gone?” The answer is simple: Feminists drove them out. The sooner we face this fact, the sooner we will get the good men back.

written by a woman-Suzanne Venker

Gary Gatehouse Comments

I agree with Ms Venker completely, American men today have taken a back seat in society, men have been told such things as it’s okay to cry in public, look no further than the current speaker of the house of Representatives he cries at the drop of a hat. Men have been told for decades, that they are useless,they are not that important anymore in the whole scheme of things, they have been made to look like buffoons on television, Hell they don’t even show up on the radar screen when it comes to producing a child,artificial insemination for women takes the whole male,female relationship out of the equation,

I’m not a huger, I reserve my hugs for my wife,my grand kids, but not other men, my father raised me to respect women, and told me as a male I had a certain responsibility, one to protect women, to protect the family, he taught me never to use foul language around women, he taught me to respect other people. I remember as a young boy,going to my grandmothers house for thanksgiving,Christians etc when the whole family got together, I remember sitting in the living room with the older males of the family, when my grandmother or any of my aunts walked into the room the males stood up in respect and offered them the chair they were sitting in. Not anymore, most males today would never do that in public or otherwise, why, feminism has taught them not too, woman don’t need to be treated any different than a man.

I was in the Dept of Motor vehicles waiting my turn to renew my driver license, there was a young lady standing as there were no chairs available for her, she was holding a infant, NOT ONE MALE THAT OCCUPIED A CHAIR OFFERED IT TO HER, you guessed it I DID.. I found that very disturbing to say the least..

My father taught me to always help a women if she was carrying packages, open the door for her etc, you just don’t see that much anymore. Men have been told by modern day women, I don’t need your help I can do it myself.

It is a different world today the American male’s role in society has changed, they are no longer the same as in decades past, they have truly been put on the back burner by society

23 Feb

What’s next for military? Cross-dressers, drag queens, she-males

Barack Obama is being pressured by a team of activists to issue an executive order that would require the U.S. military to permit those individuals with a mental disturbance known as Gender Identity Disorder – including cross-dressers, drag queens, transsexuals, she-males and the so-called “intersexed” – to serve openly.

Lesbian, “gay,” bisexual and transgender activists only in the last few months have been successful in getting Congress to overturn a 1993 law banning homosexuals from open service in the military. That process still is continuing, as the change required military leaders to affirm there would be no problems with battle unit readiness and effectiveness.

Now spearheading the new effort is the Service members Legal Defense Network, an activist group whose leaders want Obama issue an executive order to force the Pentagon to ban immediately discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity (code for transsexuals, cross-dressers, drag queens, and she-males).

The group wants the same “rights” for individuals who have mental disturbances known as a Gender Identity Disorder (GID) or Transvestic Fetishism – both listed as mental illnesses in the APA’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders” (DSM-IV-R).

LGBT activists on college campuses across the U.S. also are attacking the military and the ROTC for banning of transgendered and inter sexed individuals from service.

The Harvard Political Union held a round table discussion recently on the university and its relationship to the military and ROTC.

Sandra Y.L. Korn, one of the editors of the “Harvard Crimson,” complained that even though Congress voted to repeal the 1993 law banning homosexuals from serving openly, the military still bans “intersex” individuals and those with a differing gender identity.

An “inter sex” person was formerly known as a hermaphrodite – with ambiguous sex organs. According to Korn, “Discrimination against a small minority is still discrimination.”

At Columbia University, the student senate recently convened a Task Force on Military Engagement to discuss Columbia’s relationship with the military and the ROTC.

On the first day of several task force discussions, Sophomore Janine Balekdjian complained that Columbia should not permit the ROTC back on campus because the military still allegedly violates the university’s non-discrimination policy on gender identity.

“Even though DADT has been repealed, the transgender individuals still can’t serve in the military as per military policy, and the same people [can’t] participate in ROTC. That still, to my understanding, violates the university’s discrimination policy because gender identity is a protected category.”

On the second day of the Columbia task force discussions, a wounded Iraq veteran named Anthony Maschek, took the stage to defend the military and to warn the students that there are enemies out there who hate them and want to kill them.

The Columbia students laughed at him, jeered and called him a racist for defending the military and the ROTC.

At Stanford University, the Stanford Students for Queer Liberation is lobbying against the re-introduction of ROTC at Stanford and at other universities such as Columbia.

According to Queer Liberation President Alok Vaid-Menon, “Now, more than ever, is the time for college students across the country to take a stand and organize against transgender discrimination, an issue that has been historically ignored by the mainstream gay rights agenda.”

What’s Next: An intersexed/transgendered army?

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, believes that the introduction of openly serving “gays” and lesbians will cause disruptions and morale problems in the Armed Forces. However, the introduction of so-called transgendered and intersexed persons into the military could be as much, if not more, disruptive.

Donnelly recently sent a list of proposed questions to members of the House Armed Services Committee over repeal of the 1993 law – including how will the military deal with transgendered soldiers. She wants the House committee chairman to direct these questions to Pentagon officials when the committee holds hearings on the repeal of the law which bans homosexuals from serving openly in the military. No such hearing is yet scheduled.

Donnelly notes that the 1993 law has not yet been officially repealed. The president, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen all must certify that the repeal will not harm military readiness before the 1993 law is eliminated. But, they are all committed to repeal.

According to Donnelly, the House Committee members are the ones who will be tasked with “writing inquiries to the Pentagon and I’m hoping that the Pentagon will provide answers in a timely way. It doesn’t look like they will, though.”

Confusion has existed for years over the DADT policy and the actual 1993 law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton.

Donnelly explained the difference between DADT and the 1993 law, “‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was imposed administratively by Bill Clinton shortly after he signed the actual law. He came out with these regulations that confused the meaning of the law itself,” she said.

The 1993 law banned homosexuals from serving in the military. The muddled DADT policy imposed on the military by Clinton said homosexuals could serve if they didn’t tell anyone about their chosen sexual lifestyle. His DADT policy violated both the spirit and intent of the law.

In her document sent to the House Armed Services Committee, Donnelly included a series of questions – not only on homosexuals serving in the military – but also on what impact transgenders will have if they are permitted to serve in the military. On the subject, she is asking:

* Q: Will recruiters be required to induct transgendered persons or individuals who desire “gender reassignment” treatment and surgery? If not, what would the rationale be?

* Q: What will the Defense Department policy be with regard to uniform differences, exceptions, or alterations for men transitioning to female appearance and women transitioning to male appearance?

* Q: What will the Defense Department policy be with regard to military medical services and medications for transgendered personnel, to include hormone treatments and surgery to change sexual appearance and identity for personnel seeking gender “re-assignment?”

* Q: What is the estimated annual cost of providing such services to transgendered personnel and those seeking gender “re-assignment?”

* Q: What will the Defense Department policy be with regard to the housing of transgendered biological males living with females, and vice versa?

* Q: Will a man who shows up for duty in a regulation female uniform, or a woman in a man’s uniform, be considered appropriately dressed? What would be the rationale for denying that opportunity on an equal basis to male and female cross-dressers or transgenders?

* Q: Will the military services allow a man to wear only approved male garb on-base, but female dress off-base? If so, how does this affect the principle that military regulations apply both on-base and off-base, 24/7?

* Q: Will the military services allow LGBT individuals or couples to participate in social events dressed in ways that reflect their sexuality, in the same way that women dress to please men?

Other legitimate questions must be asked as well. How will the military deal with showers and restroom facilities for individuals who believe they are the opposite sex – or who are in so-called “transition” from male to female or female to male? How will male soldiers, sailors and marines handle a woman who has had her breasts surgically removed taking a shower with them? Will female soldiers, sailors and marines want to shower with a man who has had his sex organ removed and is taking hormone injections to enlarge his breasts?

Will the military be faced with inducting gender confused individuals who wish to have the American taxpayer fund their sex change operations?

Worse yet, how will the military deal with she-males – individuals who deliberately undergo only a partial sexual reassignment? These are typically males who keep their sex organs, but take hormone injections to enlarge their breasts.

The U.S. Air Force reports it already has started training programs for Air Force personnel on how to deal with open homosexuality. The training for the rest of the service branches begins on March 1.

7 Feb

Robert Gates’ destruction of the military

Two years ago, for the first time since Nixon, I did not attend the Presidential Inauguration. I went instead to the Holy Land to pray for a country that would elect a man without leadership or executive credentials, a tragically unqualified rhetorical celebrity – and give him control of Congress.

I also prayed for our new president, who needs all our prayers. Thankfully, the people, and the tea party, realizing their error, recently elected a new Congress in which the House began, for the first time, with a reading of the Constitution, a document second only to the Bible in historical import (amazingly, some on the left criticized the reading!); and required that future congressional actions have constitutional authority. Imagine that! And Secretary of Defense Robert Gates leaves this year. From anguish to elation in two years – is this a great country or what?

My friends at the inauguration noted that for the first time in memory a president did not attend the veterans Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball. Some, in defending the president’s no-show, have demeaned the veterans ball, calling it merely one of dozens of unofficial balls not coordinated by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. It was coordinated with the PIC, is one of a handful of major balls and, traditionally, the only ball honoring veterans and Medal of Honor recipients. While it is true that the majority of veterans supported John McCain, they were looking forward to the new president’s visit and sorely disappointed when he did not show.

Not only was President Obama the only presidential no-show at the veterans ball, he also ignored, or was ignorant of, military tradition by failing to salute the only living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam, during White House ceremonies.

I can assure you that the recipient was not offended, but many veterans were. My point is that President Obama is militarily challenged. He believes he can man down and emasculate the military, civilianize and hollow it (you can’t civilianize the military – should they vote on leaders and missions – or unionize?) without readiness consequences.

Unfortunately, in his efforts to learn the difference between Corps and corpse, the president kept the incumbent secretary of defense, Robert Gates. He knew Gates would be a willing ally in re-hollowing and quad-sexualizing (changing a heterosexual military to one populated by heterosexual, homosexual bisexuals and transgender people) the military as well as feminizing combat units, but no one could predict the damage this man would do. He will rank with Robert McNamara in the defense halls of infamy.

What do the fighting men of our military think about the homosexualization of the armed forces? Find out in the Whistleblower magazine edition “Dropping the H-Bomb”

Under his watch: The Pentagon admits it cannot identify where millions of dollars go (Gates is covering for his fiscal inefficiencies by huge defense cuts, cuts that will have no economic effect and that he will not have to live with); nor can it identify the remains in over 200 graves at Arlington, which is an administrative disaster; the op-tempo is from hell (60 out of 80 months deployed is not atypical) – contributing to unprecedented rates of suicide and PTSD among soldiers and depression and anxiety in their families. As a further blow to morale, Gates hopes to cut the force, is mutilating the Marine Corps and is proposing the smallest pay raise since 1962! Plus, he’s demanding the military do more with less – a familiar term to service members that simply demands more sacrifice from them.

Initially a media darling, since the debacle with Rolling Stone magazine, Gates has set unprecedented media access controls. Still, under his leadership, more state secrets have been compromised – causing immeasurable damage – than at any time in history. He has allowed the premier combat life saver, aeromedical evacuation (once revered as Dust Off), to be stripped from the medics. This is the first time a medical resource has been so usurped since the Civil War, and I have heard horror stories from the battlefield on delayed reaction times. (I actually had a soldier from Iraq turn his back on me when I told him I was once a Dust Off pilot.)

Under Gates’ watch, soldiers’ Bibles were destroyed to avoid annoying Muslims. There can be no excuse for the military to burn Bibles. They would be court-martial for destroying Qurans. It may be a surprise to Vietnam veterans that Congress authorized a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and honor its veterans; but it will be no surprise the funds have been cut. And now Gates wants women to join homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals in foxholes. In order to quad-sexualize the military, Gates is assaulting traditional morality to “educate” soldiers and their families on the value of homosexual conduct. Soon to come our mothers and sisters will be reprogramed to kill. As if all this were not enough, his military actually considered giving medals for not shooting! Then there was the terrorist attack at Fort Hood. I could go on. Next: veterans’ benefits.

Amazingly, some blame uniformed military for the Pentagon calamity, and others believe soldiers start wars! This may shock some, but Gates, for four years, has led the Pentagon. Civilians control the military, and soldiers do not start wars. Soldiers hate war. As a leader, Gates is responsible for what his subordinates do or fail to do; he can delegate his authority but not his responsibilities. He is responsible for the Pentagon catastrophe, which is unprecedented in my lifetime.

Gates’ predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, despite the media hatchet job on him, was a man’s man, a fighter pilot, an athlete, an exceptional businessman with vast experience in elected office as well as the Pentagon – a tough act to follow, especially for someone fresh out of a university lounge. Weak leaders often try to project an image of toughness by “kicking a–.” Gates kicked a lot of a– firing two service secretaries, a chairman of the joint chiefs, the Army surgeon general and other good men – all more qualified than he. He never understood where the buck stops. It stops with him. He should have fired himself long ago.

President Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, including the Defense Department. The problem is neither America nor her military needed transformation – they needed leadership.

The Obama/Gates military transformation is historic and the damage it will do unprecedented. Why transform our military unique in its excellence and the vault for our freedoms? But it will happen unless the people and Congress recognize and stop this insanity

written by By Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady