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14 Jun
ACCORDING TO JESSE JACKSON JR -AMERICANS are entitled to a house, a decent job, food, etc., and your kids are entitled to iPods and laptop computers.

Jesse Jackson, Jr., U.S. House representative for Illinois’s 2nd congressional district, calls for adding rob Peter to pay Paul amendments to the Constitution. According to Mr. Jackson, you are entitled to a house, a decent job, food, etc., and your kids are entitled to iPods and laptop computers.

In oratory fashion (and hyperbole) inherited from his father, Jackson cites a speech delivered by FDR more than sixty years ago. In the speech, FDR declared the original Bill of Rights “inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness” and he proposed an “economic bill of rights.”

Under FDR’s scheme, the government would provide useful and remunerative jobs, the right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation, the right of farmers to raise and sell products at a return which will provide a decent living, the right of every family to a decent home, the right to adequate medical care, the right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment, and also the right to an education.

FDR’s bill of rights differed little from that of the Communist Party of America. The CPUSA devised a “Bill of Rights Socialism” that will supposedly “guarantee all the freedoms we have won over centuries of struggle, and also extend the Bill of Rights to include freedom from unemployment” and also freedom “from poverty, from illiteracy, and from discrimination and oppression.”

Jackson’s speech is like something right out of the CPUSA playbook.

Socialists, recognized by the late Gary Allen as actually communists, rarely talk about how they plan to pay for all their utopian schemes, but that really is a no-brainer – they plan to steal the money from you at gunpoint and give it to their constituents.

Michael Moore said recently that there is plenty of money in this country that can be confiscated by the government and redistributed. He was talking about a small number of wealthy people – the folks who invest and create jobs, or did before the banksters deliberately ran the economy into the ground.
Moore’s audience thinks he is talking about the mega-rich – the banksters and the financial elite – but of course, as Leona Helmsley famously quipped, those folks don’t pay taxes, the little people do. Moore was talking about the millionaires, not the trillionaires like Bill Gates and the Rockefellers who hide their immense wealth in philanthropic foundations or take it offshore entirely.

It was the mega-rich and their globalist trade agreements that stripped the United States of decent jobs. It wasn’t the guy down the street who made his first million working hard to establish a car dealership from the ground up. It wasn’t the family that earned a few million by establishing a grocery store or a chain of dry cleaners.

The Bank of America does not pay a red dime in tax because it is part of a special breed. It is a transnational corporation and a member of the Fortune Global 500. A gaggle of socialists marching into a Bank of America branch and screaming and yelling about the injustice of it all will not change anything. International banks own Congress.

Calls by Moore and Jackson for social and economic justice will not take down the banksters. It will result in more of your wealth being confiscated after the self-made millionaires are stripped clean and reduced from producers to non-producers.

Moore and Jackson need to tell their followers to instead march on the Federal Reserve and demand that it be permanently closed down. Economic justice will prevail when the money supply is once again controlled by the American people and not a private criminal enterprise run by international bankers masquerading as a federal agency. After Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street pirates are swept out of the halls of government – where they have ensconced themselves since Alexander Hamilton created the First National Bank – jobs and national prosperity will once again stand a chance

Finally, Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s ignorance about the Bill of Rights is nothing short of astounding. The Bill of Rights set out a series of limitations on the power of the United States federal government – protecting the natural rights of liberty and property – and had absolutely nothing to do with the government guaranteeing jobs, housing, recreation, or iPods and laptop computers.
written by:Kurt Nimmo (INFOWARS)