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10 Dec
Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing

Perhaps the multiculturalists have a point.  

What entitles us to the arrogant belief that Western Civilization is the way to go?  

We ought always to seek to better our condition by learning how other cultures do things. 
Let’s adopt the educational standards of the Ivory Coast, the culinary hygiene of New Guinea, the judicial-system fairness of Saudi Arabia, the religious tolerance of Sri Lanka, the imaginative television programming of Mongolia.

The political liberties of Myanmar, the urban sciences of India, the high-tech infrastructure of Tajikistan, the after-school programs in Brazil, the foreign affairs genius of North Korea, the child-labor policies of Bangladesh, the social justice of Zimbabwe, the common-ground ethnic togetherness of Cyprus, the engineering ingenuity of Samoa, the freedom of dissent of Iran.

The sell-your-daughter-into-prostitution ethos of Thailand, the marital relations of Pakistan, the pollution-control zeal of Mexico, the table manners of Micronesia, the abstract philosophy of the Eskimos, the university-studies rationale of Azerbaijan, the cinema of Malaysia, the musical sophistication of Easter Island,

The anti-corruption policies of the Philippines, the comedy sketches of Somalia, the legislative shrewdness of Rarotonga, the contemplative politics of South Korea and Taiwan, the relaxed code of leisure of Japan, the public defecation facilities of China,

The rationalized traffic control of Ecuador, the fine art of Borneo, the literary distinctions of Tierra del Fuego, the prisoner-rehabilitation policies of Turkey, the pluralistic harmony of Rwanda, plus clitorectomy.

And we’ll see how it goes.

Written by: Mr Don Thompson
Mr Don Thompson writes exclusively for