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6 Mar

“a massive explosion that completely destroyed an area three times the size of a soccer field…..photographers who arrived at the site of the explosion Saturday saw entire buildings, cars and trees flattened and smoldering as a result of the blast”

Last nights  explosion at the Rajma military base outside Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city leveled blocks, left fires and left fire burning through the night.  Reports indicate an ammunition depot caused the blast but another, far more sinister cause is much more likely, a tactical nuclear weapon.

Thus far, the bodies of 27 of the bases’s 40 staff have been recovered.  Damage cover’s, not only the base itself but extends to the residential neighborhood nearby where an even larger area was obliterated by the blast coinciding with Colonel Gaddafi’s move against Libyan freedom fighters in and around the city of Zawiya, 25 miles west of Libya’s capitol of Tripoli.  Zawiya fell to government forces yesterday though some opposition forces still hold out in parts of the city of 200,000, where fires are still burning.

The rebels’ setback at the city of Zawiya, 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Tripoli, was the second in as many days. A large arms and ammunition depot outside the city of Benghazi, the largest city in the rebel-held east of the country, blew up Friday in a massive explosion that completely destroyed .3 square kilometers.



A tactical NUKE, I don’t know, but I do know when a large ammo dump explodes it does a lot of damage. When I was in Vietnam, a huge ammo dump was attacked by the Viet Cong it exploded and it caused a lot of damage, it blew me out of my cot, I was asleep and the next thing I knew I was laying outside what was my tent, along with a bunch of other guys. That blast rained down unexploded bombs-ammo etc.


This explosion at Rajma military base was more than likely a ammunition dump as reported by the AP.