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16 Feb

Shocker: ABC News Wonders if Obama is Creating ‘State Run Media’

It‘s a shocking question from one of the country’s main news outlets: Is the Obama White House replacing the traditional press with its own “state run” media machine?

According to ABC, it seems the answer might be “yes.“ The news outlet points out ”the White House Press Office now not only produces a website, blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, and Facebook and Twitter profiles, but also a mix of daily video programming, including live coverage of the president’s appearances and news-like shows that highlight his accomplishments.”

ABC’s story goes on to cite examples:

But while these innovative communications tools ostensibly offer greater transparency and openness, critics say they have come at a troublesome expense: less accountability of the administration by the independent, mainstream press.

Over the past few months, as White House cameras have been granted free reign behind the scenes, officials have blocked broadcast news outlets from events traditionally open to coverage and limited opportunities to publicly question the president himself.

Obama’s recent signing of the historic New START treaty with Russia and his post-State of the Union cabinet meeting, for example, were both closed to reporters in a break with tradition. And during a recent question and answer session with the president and visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the White House imposed an unusual limit of just one question each from the U.S. and Canadian press corps.

“The administration has narrowed access by the mainstream media to an unprecedented extent,” says veteran ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton, who has covered seven administrations. “Access here has shriveled.”

Let’s see here

Obama and his political/socialist/Marxist Machine

1. Has his own government ran by him –Czars
2. Has his own political proaganda machine ran by him
3. Now signs treaties etc behind closed doors with NO outside media in attendance
4. Has his own Government owned companies GM Chrysler
5. Has his own communications network
6. He is expanding his political socialist reach to run other states/cities (remember his meetings with all Democrat governors awhile back to discuss National Guard in their respective states?
(question could this be the building blocks for his own Obama controlled civilian army?)

“Obama-recruit young citizens into a “national security force, just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military”


28 Jan

Obama Threatens To Bring Country To Dead Stop
If Republicans Don’t Capitulate

In Tuesday night’s embarrassing campaign speech State of the Union address, Obama delivered a strange stew combining Jimmy Carter “malaise speech” with a failed attempt to channel Ronald Reagan’s amiability. It went over like a lead balloon.

Obama talk incessantly of American decline, and leveled a not-so-veiled threat at Congress’ newly elected Constitutional Conservatives: “We will move forward together or not at all” – and further warned that new laws will only pass his veto pen if Republicans compromise their reform agenda, and kowtow to his Democrat-Socialist vision of massive and profligate government.

What Obama, Pelosi and Reid don’t seem to comprehend is that the November elections weren’t about compromise. Rather, November was a clarion, unequivocal demand for our government to return to the Constitutional principles – and limits on its scope – that made this country great.

There can be no compromise with the forces that mean to expand government, carve away our liberty and dissolve our exceptional Republic. Every compromise represents a slower, but still steady slide toward the Venezuelan-style, single party authoritarian dictatorship Obama openly admires.

But like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Obama turned on his campaign charm, and attempted to mask the undercurrent of extremism in his power-consolidation, threats, and “let’s imitate rising powers like China” agenda with empty rhetorical flourishes of bi-partisan moderation and appeals to our history – smiling and praising the poor miserable, oppressed people of America who need government’s help so they once again can be, and do, better.

After two years of denying American exceptionalism, trashing America’s values, fostering divisiveness, threatening patriots, conducting worldwide apology tours and bowing to every foreign leader on the planet, Obama has a new meme. He has discovered we are in decline, but claims we can be great again – if only the federal government helps us.

He now expects us to forget his disdain for the America way, and join with him to seize our new “Sputnik moment.” In a weak attempt to channel Reagan’s success, the Malaise Obama suddenly offered smiling platitudes of optimism; praising our ingenuity, innovation and the bootstrap initiative that made us great while he proposes grand plans to undermine them. For every time Obama mentioned the things that make America great, he countered by insisting that these things are only possible with more government, through more government, because of more government.

If Obama truly believed in Reaganesque ideals, he would recognize the absolute truth in the great man’s now famous quote: “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.”

Obama insists he is not interested in “re-fighting the battles of the last two years.” As far as he is concerned, ObamaCare and the Marxist policies Pelosi and Reid pushed through the Congress, in violation of all decent standards of responsible self-government, are a done deal.

We the American people beg to differ. November was about real change, and we will not be intimidated into silence by the mouthing of high-sounding phrases while the ground is ripped from our feet, and our hard-earned wages from our hands. Our representatives in Congress must be told in no uncertain terms –


This piece was written by
Mr Alan Keyes
Declaration Alliance PAC
National Processing Center
PO Box 131728
Houston, TX 77219-1728


This is one political Pearl Harbor that we are not going to let happen.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

written by: Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a recently retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve. He is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

23 Jan

Hawaii’s AG, Dave Louis Emerges From Obama’s Legal ‘Rabbit Hole’ To Rescue Hawaii’s Shrinking Governor From Pointless Birth Certificate Crusade

It appears that Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie will be forced to conclude his chivalrous expedition to prove Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, after all. The new governor may not have been born yesterday, but he chose to take the obstinate route to this destination, and alas, merely finds himself among the other millions of American underlings who have already traveled the same “Obama Eligibility” road. All that outrage and “offendedness” only to realize it all ends at the office of the Hawaiian attorney general.

It’s too bad, too. We thought he actually had a chance at redeeming Obama’s mum and dad…Not!

Calling Abercrombie a “fool” is too harsh. However, let’s just say he’s politically selective in the application of his intelligence. If there were a way to capture Abercrombie’s futility in a 17 second video, his weak attempt to expose Obama’s epic lie, (…er..uh..truth), might be featured on YouTube’s “Fail” channel among the roster of hilarious, but painful, clips.
Let this be a lesson to the rest of you governors and congressional simpletons. Obama’s grandeur shall remain divinely hidden, and there is nothing you can do about it. Who do you think you are, anyway? The government?

Abercrombie’s failure to find the grail of Obama’s opulence just proves that allowing one’s self to be blinded by ideology for too long will only result in flights of self-righteous indignity. Under the guise of defending the honor of Obama’s dead kin, Abercrombie tinkered his way into Obama’s Wonderland of illegitimacy, either by design or audacity, and has found the same things ‘behind the looking glass’ that the rest of America found out five years ago. He found the smiling Cheshire Popoki holding the book of Hawaii’s remote and ridiculous legal statutes.

“Well, get in line, Neil!” says Marian Taylor of TMB Media Research, “There are about 50 million other people who have been bird-dogging this crime long before Abercrombie took over in dreamland last month.”

Taylor, a veteran of the Obama eligibility saga since 2007 says the tragic consequences of Obama’s deception are reflected by Abercrombie’s example in futility.
“America has slowly become the laughing stock of global politics because their president walks around ‘illegitimately naked’ while his delusional supporters applaud him as though he were wearing the ‘costume of eligibility’,” quipped Taylor, “…and the obtuse media, the lawyers, the judges and congress say nothing, know nothing and do nothing. It’s quite pathetic.”
Hawaii A.G. David Louie told the governor he “…was not legally permitted to disclose information from vital records without the person’s consent,” Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.
Not surprisingly, Dela Cruz continued, “There’s nothing more that Governor Abercrombie can do within the law to produce Obama’s document. Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president.”

Perhaps the Governor of Hawaii will fancy some questions of his own about Obama’s citizenship now, as well.

Abercrombie claims he was friends with Obama’s parents and alleges that he knew Obama as a child despite the fact that Obama and his mother, Ann Dunham, were living in Washington while Dunham attended extension classes at the University of Washington, just weeks after Obama’s birth.

Abercrombie launched his milquetoast effort in December, 2010 seeking a way to address what he referred to as “conspiracy theories” that the president was not born in Hawaii. The governor said at the time he was offended by people who questioned Obama’s birthplace and that he felt the office of the president deserved more respect than it was being given by doubters of Obama’s eligibility.
Ironically, Abercrombie did not express whether the possibility of the office of the President being usurped by an illegitimate candidate was offensive to him. Now, perhaps the governor has a better reason to be offended after being prohibited from obtaining his “friend’s” natal records by the most absurd municipal legalisms on the planet.

Serious researchers of this subject, those who have been engaged for more than four years, simply scoffed at Abercrombie’s fake outrage. They knew where his endeavor would end, and they were right. It ends with the bizarre rules in the court of the “Ali’i wahini of Hearts”.

Apparently, upon taking office last month, Abercrombie did not get the world-wide memo containing the following information about Obama’s covert identity:

Item 1 – Hawaii revised statute HRS 338-18 prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who doesn’t have “a tangible interest.” Yet, HRS 338-17.8 also obligates the Hawaiian Health Department to issue a birth certificate to foreign-born children when the parents claim Hawaii as their residence within a year prior to the birth, regardless of the location of the birth.

Item 2 – Those doubting Obama’s eligibility to be president correctly maintain that Obama has never provided his original, 1961, hospital generated, NVSD template of a “Certificate of Live Birth” containing the signature of the attending physician and the name of the hospital. This is true. Obama has not provided public access to this document.

Item 3 – Hawaii’s former health director, Chiyome Fukino, already stated in two separate press releases, the first on October 31, 2008 and again in July, 2009, that she had personally seen and verified Obama’s original vital records. However, Fukino would not elaborate on the content or titles of the documents she had seen leaving open the chronic obscurity of Obama’s natal metrics. Perhaps Abercrombie should give Fukino a call in his search for the authenticate documentation.

Item 4 – Neophytes more ignorant than the governor love to cite two birth notices in two Honolulu newspapers as proof of Obama’s Hawaiian birth. However, it has since been proven that the papers in 1961 published birth information provided directly by the Department of Health’s birth registration list which does not consider the location of birth when they are recorded under the foreign birth provisions of HRS 338-17.8. The announcements do not state the name of the hospital, the name of the child or the time of the birth. They also disregard the actual marital status and address of the parents.

Adding to the discouragement of Obama supporters lusting to endow a newspaper with Presidential eminence, birth announcements found in a remote Island’s newspapers and scanned into a grainy image on the internet, unfortunately, do not afford a prolific candidate with legal qualifications to serve as President under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Sorry. That task of vetting that position relies on sources somewhat more authoritative with access to personal and professional information about the candidate.

Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo again droned Friday that Obama’s name exists within the office of Vital Records’ alphabetical list of people alleged to be born locally. This list is already well known by many and is maintained in bound copies available for public view. However, these names are generated based on birth registration office location, not confirmation of actual birthplace. The list is not helpful in clarifying any detailed natal information pertaining to Obama’s eligibility to be president.

This, likely, is the list Abercrombie referred to in his interview with the Star Advertiser last Friday. This information, called index data or a “birth registration list”, shows a listing for “Obama II, Barack Hussein, Male,” according to the department’s website. The information does not contain details of the vital records filed. The president was allegedly born Aug. 4, 1961.

“The index is just to say who has their records within the department. That’s an indication,” Okubo repeated. “I can’t talk about anyone’s records.”

Okubo’s statement further confirms what the rest of us already know…that natal records within the Hawaiian Health Department are not only for births in Hawaii.

It has been stated many times by liberal, pro-Obama media sources that the Obama campaign issued a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” in June, 2008. They desperately lobby for this document’s officiousness stating that since it comes sanctioned by a state municipality and shows Obama’s birth date, registration location and brief parental information, it is somehow enough to declare Obama’s legitimacy as President in their minds. Of course, this is ridiculous.

On the bright side, Abercrombie did something the rest of America was not able to do. He brought to light the fact that Barack Obama’s documented history remains as dark and secret as much to the highest executive authorities in America as it does to the common citizen. Abercrombie understands the problem now. With the help of abettors, Obama has become legally untouchable.

Now that Obama’s recorded past has evaded even the executive authority of his own alleged native state, perhaps Congress and the U.S. media can be made fools of next. Oh, wait…they already have been.

Unfortunately, Hawaii’s Attorney General cannot save Abercrombie from the ultimate damage his little month-long excursion will cause, though. Abercrombie is right about one thing. It will have massive ramifications on the 2012 election which will devastate Obama’s re-election bid and damage further the quivering democrat party. Not to mention, Abercrombie will now suffer the personal attrition of an internal war between his leftist political loyalties and his newfound moral doubts about supporting someone who has become the most prolific liar and political deceiver in American political history.

To paraphrase words of a bizarre fairy tale’s heroine, “You are nothing but a pack of cards!”
Hey, Neil…we don’t mean to “offend”, but with friends like that, who needs enemies?

Editorial by Danny Crosby