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13 Apr

Right Wing Group Slams HBO’s Angry Boys For ‘Sexualizing Children’ With Girl Sucking On Penis Cup

Cult comedy Angry Boys aims to shock viewers with its mockumentary style humor, but one right wing group thinks the HBO hit has gone too far and accuses a recent episode of being “akin to showing child pornography.”

The most offensive scene depicts a young girl sucking on a bright pink penis-shaped cup during a sketch about a Japanese mother (played by Australian star and director Chris Lilley) who forces her skateboarding son to act gay as a marketing tactic.
“It’s difficult to imagine that HBO would go any lower,” Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute tells in an exclusive interview.

“HBO’s new show Angry Boys includes one episode so foul that they have a little girl drinking from a giant cup made from a replica penis. Oral sex ‘humor’ involving a young child shows precisely where the left’s mind is really at,” he fumed.

In an article on the Institute’s website the group ascertains that: “Promoting child pornography is a comedic way is much more shocking and outrageous than funny.”

Gainor, who recently criticized Jennifer Lopez’s new video for being a skanky bid to retain her fame “despite her fading relevance,” is not surprised that HBO would air a show like Angry Boys.

WRITTEN BY: Debbie Emery

Patriots, this just another example of the perverted mind set of those that own and produce HBO shows etc.  Bill Maher another example, all you Christians out there, all of you folks that profess your moral upbringings, all you folks out there with children,grandchildren. Let me ask you a question, “DO YOU WATCH MOVIES ON HBO, DO YOU WATCH HBO SPECIALS ETC? Next question why are you supporting HBO by using their perverted service,why are you supporting those that would undermine your morals?

I do not and will not watch HBO under any circumstance, that includes sports presentations etc.

Don’t you think it is about time we Christians, we that have children,grandchildren, we who profess to be good Christians with moral values, boycott HBO, write those sponsors that advertise on HBO and tell them “WE WILL NOT WATCH OR SUPPORT HBO NOR WILL WE USE THOSE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT SPONSOR THE PERVERTED IMMORAL HBO TELEVISION CHANNEL (S).

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