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6 Jun

All the above ideologies fall within the Democrat Party, the Socialist Union bosses,the political hacks, could NOT believe that their way or the highway did not come out on top in their recall attempt.

These people are like little children, when they don’t get their way they strike out, they whine,they complain,cry,clinch their fist,temper tantrums.

This was a major defeat for the National Education Association (Union) they put a lot of their union dues,teachers time spreading the socialist message in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin National Education Association-Union state workers etc and their socialist agenda has been defeated, their scam to collect dues and funnel them into the Socialist Democrat Party re-election coffers has been overturned, but you can bet your bottom dollar these Marxist,Socialist,Progressives,Communist,Liberals (all Democrats) will NOT give up as history has shown they will find new ways to scam the country,new ways to lie to the American people, new ways to hoodwink WE THE PEOPLE….. 

This was a major defeat of Socialism/Communism in our country and all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE!!


Hate speak against Governor Walker threatening to kill him, where is the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and weasel Eric Holder?  I get it, these folks are just having fun, they are just joking around, after all they are Democrats, the most knowing, understanding tolerate people on the face of the planet JUST ASK THEM WILL TELL YOU!!


18 Jan
Keeping Score
(1)  The Statist—that is, the socialist morphing into a communist—says that a nation whose wealth and might were generated by Democratic Capitalism should employ its might and wealth to equalize the income and conditions of its citizens.

(2)  The Conservative says that America could not have became rich and powerful if inequality were not implicit in the human condition per se and cannot be “cured,” particularly not by relieving those gifted with unearned rewards from the obligation to be productive.

(3)  If we follow the Statist down the primrose path, we go the way of Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela—replacing successful capitalists with super-rich, powerful, unaccountable tyrants exercising the actual choice of life and death over the inhabitants of their dominions; and replacing an industrious citizenry with a nation of welfare dependents.

At the outset and for years thereafter, Bob Dylan was a singer/songwriter as righteous as the Civil Rights Movement itself.  In Liberal lore, the ideological propagandist Phil Ochs was the Bob Dylan of the Anti-Draft Movement, but Ochs’ music was as bogus artistically as the rationale of that movement.  

Whereas the Civil Rights Movement promoted personal freedom for millions upon millions for decades to come, the latter was a propaganda campaign concocted to keep college boys from having to surrender the personal security and career prospects nurtured by the colleges and universities.  
But of course a congeries of extraneous societal and cultural forces meshed to fuse the Civil Rights fervor to the many-dimensional issue of opposition to the Vietnam War, a media-fed juggernaut that scooped up the prior two insurgences in its wake as it ennobled a new class of urban Liberal sophisticates who forthwith anointed Broadway Barb Streisand as the iconic songbird of their new tradition.

Oped written exclusively for Conservatives Speak out Blog by: Don Thompson